Getting It Right?

In order to provide an evidence base to develop Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights, the Scottish Human Rights Commission compiled a research report called Getting it Right? Human Rights in Scotland.

The report shows what appear to be some of the gaps and good practices for human rights in Scotland’s legal, political, economic, social, technological and environmental contexts and across eight broad areas of life:

1. Dignity and care
2. Health
3. Where we live
4. Education and work
5. Private and family life
6. Safety and security
7. Living in detention
8. Access to justice and the right to an effective remedy

Getting it Right? was not intended to be a comprehensive ‘state of human rights in Scotland’ report, but a prompt for discussion in the development of Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights. The report summarises the findings of a scoping project based on a literature review of social research, three legal literature reviews on references to specific international human rights treaties in relation to Scots law, as well as the Commission’s own experience since 2008.


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