Parliament event set to showcase human rights in health and social care

Invitation to Film Screening:
Showcasing Human Rights in Health and Social Care

Thursday 8 October
1pm – 2.15pm
Scottish Parliament
Fairfax Somerville Room: Committee Room 2, 4th Floor

“Human rights is a framework that provides a steely core to what we do. It stops us from considering that people’s ability to have their rights realised is an option or a gift. We’re supporting them to do what everyone else has the right to do and it’s defined in law.” Sam Smith, C-Change Scotland

You are invited to join Duncan McNeil MSP and the SNAP Health and Social Care Action Group at this lunchtime screening of a series of short films highlighting the power of human rights to improve people’s health and the care and support they access.

Produced as part of Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights (SNAP) the new films share people’s real-life experiences of using human rights to challenge and improve the quality of the health and care services they use. The films highlight how human rights have been used in dementia care, mental health detention, advocacy, youth work and services for disabled people.

An interactive discussion will take place around the screening. This will provide an opportunity for MSPs, people who use support and services and a range of senior stakeholders to discuss how taking human rights based approaches can improve people’s experiences of health and social care. We will consider how we can make progress in achieving the right to health for all and how we can widen these types of approaches by embedding them in services.

If you would like to attend please register here or call 0141 404 0231.

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