Bringing Human Rights Home

Over the last nine months Scottish Care has published two human rights documents, the Convention on the Rights of Residents in Care Homes for Adults and Older People and two weeks ago at the annual Care at Home and Housing Support Conference, the Convention on the Rights of People receiving Care at Home and Housing Support Services. Both were products of collaborative work where individuals who used support services articulated their sense of what constituted for them basic rights and quality in service provision.

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Increased focus on human rights in mental health care in Scotland

The Mental Welfare Commission and the Scottish Human Rights Commission have published a report which aims to improve recognition of people’s human rights when receiving mental health care in Scotland.

Increasing the focus on human rights is a core commitment of the Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy, 2012 – 2015. The report, Human Rights In Mental Health Care In Scotland, was delivered to the Scottish Government by both Commissions at an event held in late 2015..

The report highlights key activities that 17 key organisations and services are now undertaking to progress the human rights agenda, and identifies challenges and opportunities for the future in realising people’s human rights.

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